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Monetization Strategy Outside the Box

Many patent monetization experts seem to view assertion and litigation as the only path. They usually have a US centric view that focuses on asserting patents against large US companies seeking multi million dollar outcomes and chewing up millions of dollars in litigation expenses over several years. Fergason licensing looks first toward Asia for a different path, one that focuses on the licensing or sale of patents to major consumer electronics companies that have both a strategic and tactical stake in the technology. We seek a deal that offers the buyer a reasonable cost and the inventor a reasonable return. Usually this is a deal that can be completed in months, not years.

Minimizing legal expenses

We rely on our team of legal experts to review and advise us regarding each monetization plan. Then we present our business proposal to our established licensing contacts at the leading Asian manufacturers. We quickly get feedback and can assess our positioning and work with the patent owners toward a reasonable deal. Litigators may collect more money, but the patent owner gets the lion's share of the money we collect and can end up with more cash, more quickly with our approach.

Analysis of the IP "environment"

  • Detailed understanding of the Client's IP, the prior art and the forward references
  • Current industry practices as related to the Client's technology
  • Technologies that are available and competitive to the Client's IP

Infringement testing and analysis

The company maintains facilities and personnel with the capability to analyze products to detect infringement. As mentioned previously, this is undertaken at Fergason Licensing's expense. Only when the client receives a payout are the expenses incurred by this activity reimbursed to Fergason Licensing.

Clear Value Proposition based on Infringement Analysis

The Fergason Licensing team are experts at putting together monetization packages that clearly define the value proposition of the invention, show results of infringement testing, and forecast the value of the patents based on reasonable royalties.

Current Technology Areas of Interest

Flat Panel Displays FPD technology:  Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays AMLCDs including Vertically Aligned Nematic VAN and In-Plane Switching IPS technology. Video Enhancement Technologies, 3D, and projection technologies.

Mobile devices: Head Mounted Display HMD, Personal Displays, tablets, cellphones

Backlight BLU technology:  Light Emitting Diode LED edge illuminated waveguide and direct view back lighting technologies.  High performance high contrast ratio BLU including dynamic backlighting, System Synchronized Brightness Enhancement SSBC, local dimming, backlight design.

Display interface technologies: Touch and Gesture, Eye Tracking and Gaze

Organic Light Emitting Diode OLEDs: Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode AMOLED as used in mobile devices and televisions.  OLED Solid State lighting SSL

Light Emitting Diode LED technology:  LED backlit LCDs, LEDs for Solid State lighting.