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Fergason Licensing offers a full spectrum of services to support individual inventors and small companies in licensing or selling inventions, patents and technology. Fergason Licensing has found success world wide while building a strong focused presence in Asia.
Opportunity Analysis
Patent Sales and Licensing
License Audit and Enforcement

Monetizing inventions to meet market needs

Fergason Licensing is a boutique Intellectual Property monetization company specializing in the “soft” licensing and sales of patents to the leading display and solid state lighting branders and manufacturers, particularly in Asia. During the past decade we have focused on LCD patent licensing and have brought in $100 million in royalties from more than 25 licensee companies.

Our focus is IP “soft” licensing and patent sales, that is, our strategy is to avoid lawyer based assertion and litigation. We are businessmen and deal makers. We take a soft approach that focuses on the value of the IP and reaching reasonable agreements. Our Asian licensees are our colleagues, not our adversaries.  Our current relationships with licensees get us to the right people quickly.  Even our initial meetings are with the executive level decision makers on IP related matters.  They look to Fergason Licensing as a resource in the current litigious business climate.  Our current clients have repeatedly requested that Fergason Licensing bring interesting and available IP to their attention and for their consideration.

Our compensation is results based.  There are no upfront fees.  In addition, we cover all of our own expenses. If we don’t generate revenues for patent owners, we don’t get reimbursed or paid.  Only when our clients get paid, do we get paid.

Based on an initial strategic analysis of opportunities, our mission is to develop a licensing or sales plan with  prioritized targets, test products and documented claim charts that demonstrate the use of client’s IP, promote the licensing or sale the patents, negotiate agreements, and administer the reporting and collection of royalties.

During the past decade we have built a unique team and proven our ability to deliver the complete range of services, from conception to collection. We believe that this strategy can be practiced with a broad range of inventions and are strongly positioned for success in the consumer electronics and related markets.

Our team has a balance of business, technical and legal expertise to support our client partners to develop a risk balanced strategy for realizing a reasonable return from their IP assets.

For more information and a list of licensees, see our page of licenses, managed for FPP